For Africa’s Next Wave of Luxury Hotels, Look Below the Sahara

Just as the introduction of a neighborhood Starbucks stamps the seal of gentrification in U.S. cities, a brand-name luxury hotel has signified similar growth in Ghana.

Internationally recognized hotel group Kempinski Hotels plans to open its first foray into Ghana next month with the Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast Accra, marking the West African nation’s first large-scale luxury hotel project.

Accra, Ghana’s capital and the eleventh largest city in Africa, has slowly become a thriving tourist destination since the construction of the French Novotel hotel two decades ago. A National Theater, constructed with the assistance of China, and several modern skyscrapers have further solidified Accra’s place as a modern destination.

The 269-suite Gold Coast City Accra will feature the largest food and beverage offering in Ghana, complete with two restaurants, an open-air lounge, a cocktail bar and a pool lounge. The hotel will seek to attract business travelers with conference facilities and the city’s largest ballroom, while drawing leisure travelers with extensive spa and fitness facilities. The 32,000 square-foot Resense Spa will be the largest in West Africa, featuring 10 treatment rooms, relaxation areas, a hammam and yoga studio. The hotel complex will also include several boutiques.

The Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City Accra is one of 10 luxury hotels slated to join the Kempinski portfolio in 2015.

Photo: Accra at night by


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