Luxury Hotel Opening: Chicago Athletic Association Hotel Sparks a Sporty Renaissance

It’s been 125 years since the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel opened its doors, but with a Shake Shack leading the dining options, it’s safe to say this 241-room conversion of the Venetian-Gothic building is anything but dated.

The 13-story hotel will also include a rooftop bar overlooking Millennium Park, an all-American restaurant (aptly named Cindy’s) and a revival of The Cherry Circle room, the hotel’s original restaurant circa 1890. A Land & Sea Dept. project, the restaurant will feature a “rustically refined” menu, according to Chicago Magazine.

AJ Capital and John Pritzker, the son of Hyatt Hotels Founder Jay Pritzker, purchased the building in 2012 for a combined $13 million. A $60 makeover turned the 19th century property into the sports-themed luxury hotel opening this week.

The hotel website looks more than ready to open its doors, touting on its site, “Roll up your sleeps & let the games begin.”

Cheers to the Chicago spirit.


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