With a Wink and a Wardrobe Change, The Watergate Hotel Reopens

Luxury-Hotel-WatergateAfter seven years, the Watergate Hotel is breaking its silence.

Gleefully embracing the Nixon-era political faux pas that made ‘Watergate’ a permanent part of scandal-lexicon, the 338-suite luxury hotel expects to reopen late this summer after financial woes closed its doors in 2007.

A $125 million renovation, led by Canadian-owned, New York-based developer Euro Capital Properties, has given the (in)famous hotel a chic, mod-inspired makeover, taking guests back to the era of Bond girls with uniforms designed by Mad Men’s Janie Bryant, and branding that invites guests to “be (a little bit) scandalous.” Tongue-in-cheek reminders tell guests to ‘turn off the tape recorder.’

Fusing history-fueled kitsch with unabashed indulgence, the Watergate Hotel will also feature a 10,000 square-foot ballroom, a lavish spa, French American restaurant, whiskey bar, cigar lounge and rooftop terrace fit for clandestine cocktails.

The Watergate has not yet published rates or made rooms available to book online.


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